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Hello 5.3 & 5.4.

It’s the last week of term, not the one we had planned for but school ends on Thursday for the Summer holidays.

This week’s theme is SUMMER! Hopefully the sun will peek his head out again soon.

Please find below some different creative activities for you to watch, do and enjoy.

If you manage to do any summer theme activities this week, we would love to see a photo: please email


We all need to take a little time out and unwind – this is a short few minute’s video on relaxing and focusing on breathing.


A lovely song all about summer by the fabulous Jack Hartmann.


Did you know sixth form have their own YouTube Channel? Click on the link below and listen to a story read by Mr.C or Jo.

Summer creative art!

With the weather being nicer there are lots of different summer activities you can enjoy, you could do some painting or drawing outside, make a bird feeder or even some garden decorations. There are some great ideas on this page:

Summer online activity

Have a go at matching the correct word to the photo of a summer item


We all love a game of hide and seek! Have a go at this one and see how you get on:

We would love to know what your plans are for the summer. Will you be seeing family, friends or maybe even going on a daytrip or a holiday? You could let us know by writing, drawing or emailing us.

We all hope you have a wonderful summer holiday and we can not wait to see you all when you return.

Finally, we hope you all have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you on Zoom.

Please email with any work you manage to complete.

Thank you

Take care

5.3 & 5.4 Team


Hello 5.3 & 5.4.

We hope you are keeping well and have had a lovely weekend,

This week’s theme is creative art.

Creative art covers a wide range of activities that allow for creative and imaginative expression such as music, art, drama, crafts and dance.

Please find below some different creative activities for you to watch, do and enjoy.

If you manage to do any creative art this week, we would love to see a photo: please email


We all need to take a little time out and unwind – this is a short few minute’s video on ‘being in the present’


A lovely song all about painting and drawing. It is very catchy! painting and drawing song


Follow Pete’s adventure as he gets very creative with his shoes!

Toilet Roll creative art!

There is so much you can do with an empty toilet roll. How about making a mindfulness wand, pen holder or even an animal? There are instructions below for the mindfulness wand but plenty of other ideas on the link:

You will need: Toilet roll, ribbons or steamers and paint or supplies to decorate your wand

Cut a small piece off the top and make it into an arch shape at the top. Attach your ribbons and decorate your wand.


Colouring is a great creative art activity to do. Have a go at colouring by numbers.


5.4 – Can you match the shapes into the correct monsters’ mouths?

5.3 – Have a go at paying for items using one coin. Test your time tables and have a go


5.3 & 5.4 we know you all love and miss non-verbal drama. Please find below a clip of people eating all kinds of sweets – see if you can join in with some facial expressions!

Finally, we hope you all have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you on Zoom.

Please email with any work you manage to complete.

Thank you

Take care

5.3 & 5.4 Team


Hi 5.3 and 5.4. It was a bit wet last week wasn’t it? Though it wasn’t very nice it fits in with our theme which is The Ocean. The ocean is spectacular and has many wonders. Remember please to take a photo and send us some work on one of these activities Your hard work will be celebrated in a special  assembly very soon! Please return your work or things you would like to share with us at;


Take a look at the seaside with squish the fish. Click below to find out more and try the yoga poses.

Watch the way these animals move in the ocean. It’s amazing!

Literacy- The ocean vocabulary. Practice the words in the video. You can learn lots about the ocean by listening to this.

Song Time

Ocean Songs to enjoy. Take a listen and join in.

AaaHaa! Me lad  We all love a pirate song. Join in with the song Over the deep blue sea me hearties!

Activity: Can you name 5 things that you might find in the sea?

Perhaps you can find some photos on the internet to show, and send it to us?

Maths 5.4  Under the sea counting

Maths 5.3  Robot addition

Story time   Listen to the wonderful ocean story about a proud sea creature ,The Rainbow Fish.

We hope you enjoy this story too. Its called Clark the shark about an excitable shark who causes too much trouble. Will he be able to calm down?

Hope you enjoy the sunny weather this week. Take care. Don’t forget to return your work to


Hi 5.3 and 5.4.  We hope you are really well and looking after yourselves.

Our theme this week is Nature/Our World.  Please take some photos of you having a go at one of these activities and send them to us.  We’d love to see what you have been up to!

Mindfulness: a mindfulness walk.  What can you see and hear on the video?:

This is another lovely video of nature for you to watch. We hope you enjoy it:

Try this animal action song.  It’s great for moving your body to:

This is a song about nature:

Maths 5.4 – Ladybird counting:

Maths 5.3 – Order the numbers at the coconut shy!:

Looking at nature- Nature is the living world around us … cats, birds, squirrels, bugs, trees, plants are all living things.

Task- Take a look outside.  Name six living things you can see.  If you can take a photo of them and send it to us that would be wonderful.  If you like using the computer, you could find pictures of six different living things and make a nature page. We would love to see it!

Quiet Time. Why does quiet time have to be inside?  If the weather is ok, you can create a little quiet space outside in the shade.  Grab a blanket, pillows, and whatever else you need to get comfy.  Bring and read some books.  You can also colour or do (almost) any other quiet activity you would normally enjoy inside.

If you can get out this week  take a nature walk. Nature walks can provide great fun. Have you ever collected rocks leaves, and flowers during a walk? Look and listen to the birds, watch and the squirrels. You can even pull your child in a wagon or stroller if that makes the walk easier. Just enjoy the scenery to get the full effect.

Go on a minibeast hunt outside or at the park. Can you see?…

  • a worm after a shower
  • a bumblebee looking for nectar
  • a spotty ladybird exploring the grass
  • a slimy snail in a dark damp spot
  • a butterfly basking in the sunshine?

Here is a wonderful activity when the weather is ok.


Food and drink

  • Hi 5.3 and 5.4. We hope you had a lovely week and were able to enjoy the wonderful sunshine. This week’s theme is food and drink. Remember to send us some photo’s or videos of an activity you have tried. Don’t forget to return your work.
  • A special thanks to Arafa for sending us a photo of her wonderful flower she made for her uncle. What a star!
  • We also loved seeing Jodie at the shops finding foods. Great job Jodie!

What am I?

Read through the clues to guess different fruit and veg. You can answer on the sheet and return to us or you can take it in turns with someone in your family.

Click on the link below Can I take your food and drink order? What would you like to eat or drink?

Here is a food and drink game you can play by clicking on the correct picture

Cooking lesson: Making a delicious milk based dessert. If you like other flavours you can find these at your local shops.

Story time Clover the picky eater. Hope you enjoy this story about a picky eater!

 Here is a fun food song. Do you like broccoli ice cream?

Click on the link below to watch a healthy food episode of Sesame St. Hope you enjoy it.

Do you love singing or listening to singing?

On Friday 5th June you are invited to take part in a special zoom sing a long at 11am. If you want to join in you can message us and you will get an invitation. We would love you to join in and see some of your friends in sixth form.

Have a lovely week and hope to see you on Zoom!


Week 18.5.20 – Friends & Family

Hi, again. We hope you’re all happy and keeping well. 

Last week, we had some fabulous work from students. We especially loved seeing the photos of Laura helping out, thank you Laura!

We hope you enjoy this week’s learning and activities. The theme this week is Friends & Family. We know that at this time, we are spending a lot of time with our families and are trying to be kind to each other. And we know we are missing our friends. Our activities this week can help us think about all the good things about our friends and families.

Meditation/Mindfulness. This is another good exercise to do with our families. We all need to relax at times. You might want to do this every day:

Click on the link below to practice Makaton signing – all to do with the family. Don’t forget to take a photo or short video clip to send to us. We’d love to see you having a go.  Makaton Singing Hands:

Family word match-up worksheet:

We like the website below (common sense media) which you can ask your parents to sign up to. It has great things to watch and do with them, as well as things to do on your own.

Music – Body Percussion and Rhythm

If you enjoy making and copying rhythm patterns then you will love this. Have a go at the activities on this page. Have fun!  We would love to see and hear you having fun with this – please send us your videos to brighten up our day.  We are missing you too!

Playing creative games with the family.  We will be having a go at these with our families! Please send us a photo or video of this. Can you find a way to make it more challenging?

  1. Skittles with a twist. 
  1. Toilet roll in laundry basket game. 

For all you dancers out there, we think you might enjoy trying out the videos on this channel.  Flamingo chicks! Please send us a photo if you get time.


5.4 activity: Gingerbread man game:

5.3 Activity: Try ordering numbers up to 100 on the game below. You can ask family to help if you find it tricky.


All in one piece by Jill Murphy:

A special storytime with our very own Paula. Enjoy the adventures of the Large family.


Some Dogs Do:

A special storytime with Mr C.  For those of you who like stories about dogs:


Activity – talking and thinking about your friends (you can just talk through this with your family or send us your narrative in a Word document):

Which friend or friends are you missing? 

Name the best things about them.

What do you like doing together?

Perhaps you could record a short message for them and send it to us at the address below?:

Have a lovely week and get in touch if you need any help or want to ask a question.

Keep safe.

Beckie, Wendy, Kathy, Paula, Jo and Mark


Week 11/5/20  –  the theme this week is Our Favourite Things

Hi 5.3 and 5.4

We hope you enjoyed the activities last week.  Thanks to students who have returned their work to us.  You did really well! We love seeing your work.

Jack, that was an amazing waffle. It looked delicious!

Thank you Rhys and Zubaida for helping out at home.

Here are some new activities for you to try. Any worksheets or photos can be returned to school by email to

Activity. One of our favourite things to do to relax is try some meditation.  Remember you can do this on your own or with someone else at home.  This can help you feel relaxed and calm and you can do it at any time.

This one is called Friendly wishes:

Can you tell us about some of your favourite things?

Worksheet attached – My Favourite Things

Have a go at finding 5 of your favourite things and take a photo.

Here is a video of “My favourite things” from the Sound of Music, which we  hope you enjoy singing along to



Click on the hyperlink below for some more questions on your favourite things.

Favorites Song for Kids | What’s Your Favorite? | Fun Kids English

Nature is a wonderful thing.

Have you ever made a fat cake for wild birds? If you have a garden you can set it up and watch the birds feeding on your creation. Here are some instructions on how you can do it. Don’t forget to send a photo if you can make one.


.4  Try counting to 5 and 10

5.3  Try Counting on and back with this game. There are different levels. Give yourself a challenge!

Have a good week and keep your eyes open for videos coming later in the week!

Don’t forget to send us your brilliant work.

Mr C Beckie, Wendy, Paula, Kathy


5.4 ‘Some dogs Do’ Questions for discussion:

What animal is Sid?

Where is Sid going to at the beginning of the story?

What is Sid’s best friend called?

Do his classmates believe him when he tells them he can fly?

How does Sid feel on his way home from School?

Who helped Sid feel happy again at home?

Can Sid fly!?