Important notice about leave

Please be aware that it is no longer possible for us to authorise leave during term time unless the circumstances are exceptional. We will look at each request individually and will follow the Local Authority’s guidance. Please read the letter below for more information.

Term Dates 2023-2024

School Year 2024 to 2025

Autumn Term 2024

Teacher Training Day: Monday 2nd – Tuesday 3rd September 2024

Term Starts: Wednesday 4th September 2024
Half-term: Monday 28th October 2024 – Friday 1st November 2024
Teacher Training Day: 13th November 2024 and 2nd December 2024

Term ends: Friday 20th December 2024

Spring Term 2025

Teacher Training Day: Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th January 2025

Term Starts: Wednesday 8th January 2025
Half-term: Monday 17th February 2025 – Friday 21st February 2025

Term ends: Friday 11th April 2025

Summer Term 2025

Term Starts: Monday 28th April 2025

Teacher Training Day: Friday 2nd May 2025
Bank Holiday: Monday 5th May 2025
Half-term: Monday 26th May 2025 – Friday 30th May 2025
Teacher Training Day: Monday 30th June 2025

Term ends: Monday 21st July 2025