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Dyslexic artist launches sign language poetry video with young children to raise disability awareness

There’s loads going on virtually at Birmingham Libraries’


Digital Doorways: Erdington’ project – fun, creative drama activities for families throughout July and August. 
For more information, please get in touch with 
Hello everyone – hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Today is the Young Voices “Power In Me” Challenge (official time is 2.30pm).
On the above link there is the official video with a warm up, followed by the song to join in with and I wanted to let you know that Katy (Primary) and Dylan (Secondary) have made it onto this video !!

You can just join in with this video, but you are encouraged to sign-up  (so you will be included in the official numbers) on the following link:
Remember – its not just for students, its for families and friends too.
Hope some of you will be joining in – Enjoy 🎶
Please see below for a new video from Open Theatre:
This will be added to our website today also which you can access at:
This video is a little bit different – we asked one of our practitioners to do some storytelling for you!
We now had a dedicated area on our website where you can find the videos and resources which you can access at home. We will be adding more to this every week so please share and check back for more content when you can! Here is the link:

SFE Music Service have been busy putting together an Online Learning Platform for pupils and families to access.

This platform is a suite of videos to support all levels of learning covering every instrument and the voice. It will help those pupils who have whole class lessons in KS1 through to the upper-level musicians in secondary school and 6th form.It also includes a SEND section. 

Username: wilsonstu
Password: j3tH2P7Y


 The Power in Me Challenge!  

On Tuesday (5th May’20), The Power in Me Challenge was announced. It has been set by David Lawrence and Francisco Núñez!

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 at 2.30pm

Be part of the World’s Largest Children’s Choir at home and say thank you to our unsung heroes: Teachers #thankyouteachers

We invite you to join together with children, teachers and parents all over the world to sing “The Power in Me”!

Whether it is singing from your balcony or simply out of your back door – you are invited to sing along to a special online broadcast of The Power in Me on 2nd June

Before the big day – take part in the #powerinme Singing Challenge and film yourself singing the song’s lyrics “I’ve got the Power In Me” and post it online with the hashtag to see who responds completing the song’s chorus “You’ve got the Power in You!”.

Here is the launch video!

Please share this as widely as you can please – to EVERYONE you know 🙂


All around us, the world is changing and we’re all adapting to new challenges. With so many children and young people now staying at home, we want to ensure that they are still able to experience the benefits of singing.

Music and singing are incredibly powerful, and can help support us in so many ways – emotionally, physically and intellectually. The benefits are endless, and supporting singing is central to our philosophy at Sing Up.

Explore all our free resources to keep kids learning and singing outside of

BBC Ten Pieces – weekly activities to share with students. Each includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative activity that can be completed by children at home without any special materials or preparation. A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music at this time.

Fun curriculum linked resources to get your class moving while they

Who wants to make some Musical sounds.
Just download the FREE app and follow the Newave Education video’s. 
Have fun. 
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
Carly reads Knock Knock Pirate and ties in with our treasure Island theme this term.  

Support our Key workers Powerpoint

Open Theatre opens up again… about Improvisation with objects!
This is something you can have fun with at home. Grab some cushions, coloured paper or clothing, and get improvising!

My House Rocks – Online Learning Platform

Non Verbal Drama Open Theatre  

Open Theatre Scarf Dancing

Open Theatre opens up about Improvisation with Newspapers

Young Voices It is live and interactive every Thursday at 11am and the rest of the time you can just watch and join in

Social story to explain the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 written by and using Makaton

A Different Day Word


Topmarks: (no login required)

Mathsframe: We have a subscription for Maths frame Username: WilsonPassword: Stuart12 (NC level)

Maths activities

National Numeracy

Corbett Maths (secondary)

Mathswatch (ONLY GCSE students)

Money sense

Tuck shop at home

A fun way to not only quell the requests for food, but also get children to brush up on their maths.Write out a list of all the favourite things to ‘munch on’ and put prices next to them. (see below)


Try to do it so the unhealthy stuff is more expensive so they choose the healthier options.So chocolate costs 25p but an apple only costs 5p. Squash is also 5p but water is free.Give them £1 to spend each day but any change left can be carried over and they can have a bit more to spend the next day.’


Free online showing from the Chichester Festival Theatare of The Midnight Gang based on the book by David Walliams. It is free until the 29th May

Is your child a fan of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s wonderful picture books? Now you can download a range of home learning activity packs to complete as your read the books!

Tom Fletcher Facebook Reading

Read write inc daily Phonics lessons.

Talk for Writing Home-school booklets

Physical Education

DDMix (by Darcey Bussell) is providing live streaming every day at 1:30pm on Facebook live, delivering a 10 min shake up, giving children a short active boost before the afternoon ahead. KS1/KS2

Dance and Yoga Cosmic Kids Yoga (EYFS/KS1)

This Girl Can. Disney dance-alongs, and home workout ideas (EYFS/KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4)

Just Dance YouTube channel. Dance along to your favourite hits! (EYFS/KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4)

Other ideas and resources Go Noodle – Active screen time for families (EYFS/KS1/KS2)

15 Easy and Exciting Indoor PE Ideas (EYFS/KS1)

The FitNut has free PE resources for nursery and primary children. (EYFS/KS1/KS2)

Change4Life Indoor Activities and Games (EYFS/KS1)

Youth Sport Trust home learning activities (KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4)

 Youth Sport Trust Home Learning Resources • PE Learning at Home • Active Breaks • 60 second challenges (EYFS – KS2)

iMoves Home learning resources to help young people stay focused, active and mentally healthy. (KS1/KS2)

The Daily Mile’. There’s no reason not to continue as part of your daily exercise session. (KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4)

How to get more Active

Adapt to Perform

PE with Joe

Adaptive Yoga

Top Sportsability

Registration Code = YSTINCLUSION3

What would you like to do? Planning how to become more active!

Why not use your time at home to plan you physical activities for when we return to normal, use the following websites to see what is available in the local area:

Science mixture of indoor and outdoor activities

Students to record themselves doing a simple science experiment to be shared on weduc – look on for some ideas



This site allows students to explore the world of coding using a number of different popular themes. It gives hints and tips on how to complete the tasks and allows them to achieve.


This site allows students to explore the world of coding with using a variety of different animals and platforms, it gives hints and tips on how to complete the tasks and allows them to achieve.

This site allows you to play Minecraft, you can create and explore different worlds and use coding to help make the game more interesting. Please me safe and mindful when using this site.


Online Colouring

This is a great site for your artistic side. It allows you to colour several pictures online using a variety of different colours and then save them to be viewed when ever you want.

This site allows you to colour all of your Disney favourites, you can use a variety of different colours and save them for the future.


Variety of Tasks

This site has a variety of different tasks to help challenge yourself.

This site has a variety of different activities from problem solving to colouring. It is engaging and very easy to explore.


Solving Puzzles

This site will help with your thinking skills, you will have to do a variety of different puzzles with different difficult levels.

This site has a variety of different puzzle tasks, such as Crosswords, Wordsearches and Sodoku.

This site will help with your thinking skills, you will have to do a variety of different puzzles with different difficult levels.


Creating an Aviator

This website allows you to create a simple avatar, make sure you look closely at all of the different features you can use and make it as suitable as possible.

This website allows you to create a simple avatar, make sure you look closely at all of the different features you can use and make it as suitable as possible.

Creating your own website

Why not create an account and create your very own website! Wix allows you to use different templates to create your own website with a variety of different features.


Audio Editing

This site allows you to download and use audio editing software, you must have a laptop and a microphone for this to work. It’s a create tool and allows you to edit sounds and create your own audio track.


Game Creator

This is a fantastic site that allows you to challenge your creative side and produce your very own world, you have to code different object which enables you to create your very own game. If you find it challenge Youtube Kodu for beginners and there are loads of tutorials which will help you create your game.

Coding Apps For IPads

Daisy the dinosaur 

Lightbot : Code Hour

Code Karts – Pre-coding logic 


Secondary & 6th Form Assembly

Secondary & 6th Form Assembly

Due to technical issues the end of assembly music link is below Chainsmokers & Coldplay