Health for Life Programme at Wilson Stuart

At Wilson Stuart we have been taking part in the Health for Life project. The project consists of a number of areas to support learning to help our students and families gain a better understanding of healthy lifestyles.

The areas that we look to develop are:

  • Healthy Eating and Cooking
  • Growing food
  • Physical Activity
  • Family Involvement 
  • Communication and Culture

The idea behind the project is to give students across primary and secondary the skills and knowledge to develop a healthy lifestyle including growing and cooking food as well as being physically active. This culture of being healthy is embedded across the school and shared with families.

Click on the video link below to see how we are using Health for Life at Wilson Stuart:

The Health for Life Project

Wilson Stuart School has been proud to be a part of the Health for Life programme set up through Services for Education across Birmingham. The Health for Life programme aims to promote an ethos and environment which encourages a proactive approach to developing a healthy lifestyle. Staff and students across primary and secondary have worked on a range of activities during the year such as growing their own produce in their own vegetable patches, having a herb garden competition, creating healthy recipes and engaging in cooking showing independence to name but a few. Although the project will soon be coming to an end culminating in a celebration event the values and ethos of healthy living across the school will continue to move forward strengthened by the exciting development of a brand new kitchen environment which will include adapted equipment for students to access. Tom Elmes (Associate Head of Secondary) explained ‘Healthy living has always played a big part in life at Wilson Stuart, so much so that all students engage in cooking sessions to gain independence as well as gain an understanding on healthy choices. We also encourage physical activity each morning with the first 45 minutes of each day dedicated to movement and physical activity, therefore the Health for Life programme was a perfect fit to support our curriculum’