Website Info Twinkl is currently offering a month’s free subscription to parents. Twinkl is an excellent website for all areas of the curriculum – literacy, numeracy, science, art etc Vooks is a website that brings storybooks to life. A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks. Vooks is currently offering a month’s free subscription.
Pocket Phonics Go to the app store and search pocket phonics. Pocket phonics is an educational app that we use regularly in class. Children are very familiar with it and love its content. It teaches all phonic sounds and encourages electronic writing skills. It is currently £6.99 to purchase.
Writing Wizard Go to the app store and search writing wizard Currently free. Children love writing their letters using this app. It also works well for pencil control if you use a stylus pen Typetastic website encourages children to practice their typing skills. It helps to familiarise them with their upper and lowercase letters while teaching basic typing skills BBC bitesize offers a range of educational programmes, games, numeracy and phonics practice. Content is changing daily to help parents keep children occupied during home schooling A curriculum based numeracy website created by Carol Vorderman. Number based activities and games. Also has an online parent zone Oxford owl is an excellent website that caters from age 3 – it covers many areas including literacy, numeracy and has a blog with useful ideas from other parents Topmarks educational covers a broad range of curriculum topics and uses many games and interactive features to keep children entertained while learning. Activity village offers a variety of games, colouring, puzzles and crafts. There is also a school closure tab at the top of the pages offering free download packs
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Most social media sites e.g. facebook, Instagram are advertising many home-schooling resources daily – there are live events e.g. story time with David Walliams and plenty of groups you can join to share ideas or concerns with other parents

Beyond Words is a charity that provides books and training to support people who find pictures easier to understand than words. Whether supporting somebody with a learning disability or communication difficulty, our resources empower people through pictures.They have a collection of books which are free to download.  These include:

  1. Beating the Virus –  A short wordless story, that will help people to understand what to do if you have Coronavirus and how to keep yourself and those who you care about safe.  The story also shows how to safely help others who may be self-isolating.  Supplementary text at the end of the story gives information on where people can seek help if they are unwell and signposts to other useful resources.
  2. Good Days and Bad Days During Lockdown –  A wordless booklet with scenes from existing Beyond Words stories looking at what makes a ‘good day’ and what makes a ‘bad day’.Scenes address social distancing, lockdown, mental health and daily routines.