Take age-appropriate precautions

  • 13 years old to use Facebook.
  • 13 years old to use Instagram.
  • 13 years old to use Snap Chat.
  • 8 years old to use Roblox.
  • 16 years old to use WhatsApp.

With young children:

  • Use technology in a shared family room.
  • Check the age rating of the games your child plays.
  • Develop trust
  • Listen to your child

Danger signs you should look out for

If your child is:

  • Using technology excessively.
  • Staying online through the night.
  • Being secretive about what they are doing.
  • Behaving very differently in what they wear, their attitudes or friends.
  • Receiving gifts or money from unknown sources.

These signs may all be perfectly innocent of course, but remember to always talk to your child. Be supportive.

Finally….Use the internet safely and responsibly!

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