Remote Learning can be accessed daily and you will get information on this via the school app weduc.

Using the website above you can access curriculum content appropriate for the age and key stage of your child. Other links can be found below specific to subject areas

Humanities  Geography has some great info on different countries and on different environments like volcanoes, tsunamis, rainforests, deserts, climate change, rivers and tornadoes.  History has some great info on the British empire, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Tutankhmun and Ancient Egypt, The Victorians and World War 1& 2, Ancient Rome, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Ancient Greeks and Henry VIII. KS3 geography bbc bitesize has some great information on physical geography topics like weather and climate, coasts, ecosystems, rock landscapes, glacial landscapes, natural hazards, rivers and water. Human geographical topics include crime, development, globalisation, trade and interdependence, population and migration, rural environments, tourism, transport and communications, urban environments, shopping patterns and places. Environment topics include energy and resources, conservation and sustainability. KS3 history bbc bitesize has some great information on topics such as World War 1, Tudors and Stuarts, Normans, The Industrial Revolution, The Middle Ages and World War 2. GCSE Geography bbc bitesize has information on the different examination boards. Choose AQA. Living with the physical environment topics include the challenge of natural hazards, physical landscapes in the UK, Coastal landscapes in the UK, River landscapes in the UK and the Living World. Challenges to the human environment include urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world and the challenge of resource management. GCSE History bbc bitesize has information on different examination boards. Choose AQA. Topics include Elizabeth 1st, The Cold War and Vietnam. Also investigate Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day and America, 1840–1895: Expansion and consolidation.

How to Ride a Polar Bear book read by Carly

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud read by Bernie

Henry’s Holiday book read by Carly

Cuddly Dudley book read by Carly

Lost and Found book read by Carly

Song links: Snowflakes by the Learning Station

The Penguin Dance


Cooking – Demo videos of recipes – interactive cooking tasks. – Videos, Interactive quizzes, games 

Dt and Art Work

Monday 6th July – A wonderful website with lots of different ways to explore your surroundings and nature. – Vooks is a website that brings storybooks to life. A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks. Vooks is currently offering a month’s free subscription.  breaking down barriers to inclusion through dance!

#balletnotbarriers Flamingo Chicks is an inclusive community which can give our children the opportunity to enjoy ballet and explore movement alongside their peers. They also provide a vital peer support network for parents and carers, intergenerational volunteering, global outreach and advocacy! There are many different home activities on the website including: Virtual dance classes, crafts, science experiments, storytelling and relaxation for parents. All of these can be accessed free during the current situation. Oxford owl provides some great Ebooks for children which can be accessed on phones and tablets. There are also some useful links to other sites such as BBC Bitesize daily lessons, phonics and maths resources and various home learning activities.

Hedgehogs TV channel (reading stories)  – Our VERY OWN Adrian Gumbley has created this YouTube channel for his class. We feel 3.4 would really engage with this so please check it out! – There are lots of activities that can be accessed on Education City. Here are a few we thought would be appropriate for 3.4. If you need a reminder of your child’s log in please get in touch.

ENGLISH – WAKEY WAKEY (matching common words) and WAKEY WAKEY (reading common words), JACK IN THE BOX (match common words), MIRAGE (matching months of the year)

MATHS – SAUSAGE SEARCH (count to 10), STEN’S PARTY (count back from 10), EGGS FOR BREAKFAST (up to 10), PUZZLE PLATES (jigsaw puzzles, drag the pieces to the correct place), SMELLY SOCKS (counting in 2’s), NINE LIVES (2D shapes). – Online educational games across all subject areas. – Squish the fish cosmic yoga. A fun and engaging workout which can be done in the comfort of your home, activities and exercises can be adapted to suit individual needs. – Cosmic Yoga has lots of different themes, why not explore them all?