5.5 Home Learning

Welcome to the world of 5.5. We will be going on an exciting multi- sensory thematic journey this year exploring our colourful world, experiencing different cultures, going on adventures that are set  ‘Once upon a time’ and being immersed into places as far as the ocean focusing on water.  We bring energy, imagination and creativity into our sensory approach to learning.   

These themes are embedded into our lessons; Communication, Cognition, Functional Physical, Creative, Sensory, Creative and Self – Help and Independence. Each lesson is individualistic by providing us with opportunities to learn and develop independently, working towards our individualised targets with support from staff who we have built positive relationships with.

Communication and Cognition

During Communication sessions we explore activities using our themes alongside switches, Big Macs, PECS, Intensive Interaction, IPads and Interactive Whiteboards. Cognition lessons give us the challenge to build upon this, empowering us to be curious about our world and being actively involved. We use different communication methods support the pupils throughout the day such as, Tassels (on body signing), Makaton, Objects of Reference, and visual and musical cues.


In Physical lessons we follow our physiotherapy plans, to develop our mobility and strength, which can include using; our standing frames, walking frames, stretches and activities to improve our gross and fine motor skills. Our swimming sessions support us in developing our core skills and strength in the water.


In sensory sessions, we have a special focus on Non Verbal Drama. We are exploring different sensory stimuli such as hats, scarves, bean bags, and parachutes alongside music to create our very own drama. We are excited to showcase another PMLD Extravaganza multi -sensory show.  

In our weekly music lessons, we are expressing ourselves through music, engaging with different musical instruments and songs. In creative lessons, we are experimenting with different textures to express ourselves by creating different types of art.

Self Help & Independence

Through our self- help and independence lessons we develop on pre-existing skills of brushing teeth, combing our hair and eating and drinking. This learning is transferred between home and school with the use of personal self – help bags.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead.