Government Lockdown Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would just like you to be aware that further to the Government’s new lockdown measures announcement, which will come into place on Thursday 5th November, school will remain fully open and we will continue to do everything we can to educate your children safely every day. With the levels of cases rising significantly, we will all just need to be flexible and accept that sometimes communication in relation to the isolation of pupils and staff will have to be at short notice, as we will simply not have any warning of when we are notified of any positive cases. We will use WEDUC as  a way of communicating these very important messages to you.

We will continue to follow all of the systems which have served us well so far this term and for your information, I have instructed all staff that we will not be allowing any visitors into the school building unless it is absolutely essential for the wellbeing of all pupils and staff.

Kind regards,

Simon Harris

Executive Headteacher