Farewell message as Wilson Stuart Head Teacher from Steve Hughes.

Dear Parents and Carers, Students and Staff,

I became Head Teacher of Wilson Stuart School on January 1st 2009. It was a job I desperately wanted, not for the position itself, or for a pay increase. I wanted the job because I had loved working at the school for over 20 years and wanted the opportunity to make an outstanding school even better, for the benefit of our amazing pupils. 

With the support and dedication from our tremendous and highly skilled staff team, our amazing, supportive parents and inspirational pupils, we have absolutely succeeded in this aim.

Wilson Stuart has now tripled in size, we have a mainstream Nursery and a College. The school used to form a small part of the current site, now it covers the vast majority. But this was not an empire building plan. Our aims were to provide outstanding education for more pupils – and we have provided 250 extra pupil places and also 130 extra staff jobs.

At the same time our standards have continually risen and Wilson Stuart has an academic record I think no other school in the country can match. 

I once told a parent that given a choice between becoming Head Teacher of Wilson Stuart or winning the Lottery I would have chosen the job everytime – without a moment’s hesitation. It has been a real privilege to work with you all, it has been a massively rewarding and a truly wonderful experience for me. I have so many fantastic memories that will stay with me forever.

I would like to say a massive thank you to you all. Our staff have always been loyal, supportive and totally committed to the school and our students. Our students are an absolute inspiration and never fail to amaze us with their positive attitude and efforts. You, our parents, have provided us the biggest gift; wonderful young people who have made our lives so much richer and rewarding every single school day.

I am absolutely delighted Simon Harris will taking over as the new Head. Simon is a Wilson Stuart person through and through. I am certain that under his leadership the school will make tremendous progress and make ever greater advances. I know he will benefit enormously, as I have done, from the support and encouragement that you will all provide him.

In looking forward, the challenge for me, of developing our Multi Academy Trust as CEO, is a tremendously exciting project. The MAT will consist of over 1000 students and 600 staff.

In looking back, I can say Wilson Stuart will always be dearest in my heart. I could not be more pleased or more proud of all we have achieved together.

Thank you.

Steve Hughes

Executive Head Teacher