Latest update Coronavirus

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and everyone in your family are all well. We are working at the moment to organise the system for Free School meals for all those families that qualify on benefit related criteria. We need your email address in order to send you a code. Please send your e-mail address to !coronavirus! using WEDUC or by e-mail to We need your email address by Monday 6th April at 12.00 noon. We then enter your details onto a portal. If the portal works as promised you should get your code by 4pm on Tuesday. These e-codes will allow you apply for an e-card that gives a £15 weekly allowance for food and to choose which supermarket you want to use. We have produced some simple step-by-step instructions for parents, click here

School will continue to offer support to students and families through the Easter holiday period except for Bank holidays. You will be able to call reception or contact us using the contact details we have provided. Our Outreach Team will be continuing to work and make calls to our families throughout the holiday. I am very grateful to so many staff who have gladly offered to do this, and I am sure you too will appreciate the dedication and commitment of these staff.

I will update this message if there is any new information and news.

Please keep safe and take care,

Steve Hughes