This will help capture the daily picture and allow us to better inform our planning and allow us to monitor the health and well-being of staff.

The form you fill out depends on your situation as follows:

  • If you are in Self-Isolation fill out:

Self Isolation Notification ONCE

Self Isolation Log EVERY DAY

  • For anything else fill out (for both work and sickness)

the Work Register EVERY DAY

If you are in self-isolation but working from home please fill out the Work Register too. If you are too unwell to work due to symptoms then you only need to fill out the Self Isolation Log.

You should be filling out a form EVERY DAY by 8am. This will be either the Work Register or the Self Isolation Log.

Circumstances during Covid-19

We are required to return information to the DfE on various factors during the Covid-19 epidemic including the status of our workforce. Please take the time to look at the following form and fill it in if appropriate to your circumstances.

Circumstances Form WHENEVER they change