In the event of bad weather, such as snow, making roads dangerous or the school inaccessible, we will:

  • update this website’s front page by 7am to indicate the course of action we have taken,
  • send out a text (SMS) message to parents/carers (and staff),
  • contact local radio stations and inform them of the situation.

These may be the only ways to find out about closures and other changes to the school day in the event of bad weather. We cannot guarantee that reception will be staffed or the phone will be answered.

Please note that it is important you keep us up to date with your mobile phone number if you wish to receive the text (SMS) message.

Radio Stations

Radio stations these read out new (incoming) closures on air and publish closures they already know about on their website. Therefore we recommend you check the station’s website.

We aim to contact: