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Our Subjects

My Communication and Learning
Throughout the year, we will continue to follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme for the teaching of early reading.
Autumn Term
This term, we will listen and join in with out class story, Happy Birthday Maisy. This will include recognising up to 12 symbols relating to the story as well as identifying pictures of characters and objects.
My Numeracy and Problem Solving
Autumn Term
We will join in with a range of number songs and stories. In addition, we will demonstrate an understanding of the value of number by matching quantities to numerals during birthday and Christmas role play activities. 
My World and Me
This new area consists of elements of science and humanities.
Autumn Term
In science, we will identify facial features and body parts during birthday party dressing up activities and singing action songs. During humanities, pupils will also be given the opportunity to bring in one of their birthday presents to school for a play session.
My Computing
Autumn Term
We will improve our access to computing by using a range of devices and equipment for cause and effect. This will include using switches, a mouse or joystick to move objects across a screen. We will also explore coding in its simplest form by using remote control devices to control cars and Beebots.
My Independence (SMSC)
Autumn Term
We will develop an understanding of human feelings and emotions through discussions and role play.