Social distancing on buses

Drivers and guides will be wearing gloves and face coverings in enclosed spaces e.g. on the bus. Individual council policies have been uploaded.


Birmingham to transport students in bubbles. Bubble 2 – Primary, 5.5 Bubble 3 – Secondary and 6th form.

Sandwell only have 3 students on this bus. Due to the size of the bus, social distancing can be maintained.

Walsall – TBC

Infection control

All parents have been instructed not to send their child into school if they are showing ANY signs of illness. This is to safeguard the student and everyone else.

Drop off locations

Front car park will be divided into two sections by blue barriers. Primary buses and parent drop off l to left side as the buses come in and Secondary and 6th form buses and parents to use right side entering through music room door. NO parents or buses will be going to the rear of the school due to temperature checks. Students will disembark in distributed locations to allow for simultaneous drop off. Mixing of people between different busses will be avoided (until they are in their class base).

Temperature checks on busses

As buses enter the car park they will stop and the temperature of all people on board will be checked with a heat camera. If someone is too hot the bus will be parked somewhere cool and temperature will be rechecked after 10 minutes.

The temperature of pupils arriving in cars must be taken before the child is dropped off.

What if someone has a high temperature on a bus

If after a second check someone on a bus has a high temperature, the guidelines must be followed from the flowchart.

If a positive test is confirmed

All people on that bus must and self-isolate for 14 days

Drop off logistics

All buses to be parked up at the front of school. GS/MS to take the temperature of each child on the bus. Once temp has been checked that bus can start to unload. Children to enter school socially distancing – Secondary/6th form to enter via the music room doors. Children to have hand sanitiser upon arrival into school and to go to class base. Class staff to meet children at appropriate main doors.

Senior leaders to be present.

End of day

See above in reverse.