Wilson Stuart Spring Time Gallery

We are launching a Wilson Stuart Spring Time Gallery!

Springtime means different things to different people of all ages.
What does springtime means to you?
You can show this by painting or drawing a picture, taking a photo, baking something, writing a poem, writing a story, writing a song or any other creative idea!

This gives you and your child the opportunity to do something creative together as a family.

Please send all entries to n.fowler@wilsonstuart.co.uk
The gallery will be regularly updated and open until 18th April.
Please make sure to include your child’s name and class.

Due to data protection, your child’s name will not be shown on the gallery.
If you do not give photo permission, please do not send in any imagery with your child’s face on.

I hope you enjoy taking part in celebrating Spring Time!
We very much look forward to seeing your ‘creations’.

Natasha Fowler