Science Day 2nd March

Wilson Stuart took part in British Science week early on Monday 2nd March.

Students had the opportunity to enter the explorer dome; some students entered the dome through a tunnel and were transported to outer space. They listened to stories about the planets and learnt all about the sun and the moon. Pupils got the opportunity to count stars and constellations!

Some students went on a journey inside the human body to discover what happens to our food when it is eaten.  They ventured through the digestive system and got hands on with some squeamish demonstrations. 

Both shows were great fun and students really enjoyed themselves.

Students also experienced an amazing bubble show!

Students were able to explore and delight in the fun and unexpected behaviour of bubbles!  This included colourful bubbles, wobbly bubbles, clouds in bubbles, and fiery bubbles. They could also investigate the mystery of gases by making bubbles that float and sink, grow and shrink, burn and explode.  We also tried to balance bubbles on our heads!

The day was a  big  hit with both students and staff!