Coronavirus update

Dear Parents,
I am sure like everyone, you will be concerned about the present situation regarding the coronavirus. At school we have been following the advice given by the Department of Health which you can find here:

We are following all the advice given by the Department of Health. This is being updated daily. In school we have already put in place the following things:

  • All classes have anti-bacterial handwash
  • We have soap and wash bowls in every class
  • We have put handwash signs in every toilet and bathroom
  • We have put “Catch it, bin it, kill it” signs around school
  • Students are having handwashes when they arrive at school, at breaktimes and at lunchtimes
  • All door handles and handrails are being cleaned daily
  • We are limiting physical contact to the minimum

I have also spoken to the NHS officers and made them aware that many of the children here at Wilson Stuart have underlying health issues and might be particularly at risk if they were to catch the virus.

If you do have particular concerns about your child being vulnerable because of a medical condition they have, I would suggest you ask for advice from your GP.

It may be that in the event of a greater spread of infection in the coming weeks further measures may have to be considered and it is possible this could include closure of schools.

We would ask that you follow the Department of Health advice regarding what action to take if members of your family or your child have possible symptoms or fall into any categories of risk, this is very important. We would also request that in the unfortunate event of a member of your family contracting the virus we would ask that you inform us immediately and keep your child off school.

We will keep you informed and updated of any developments or news about this as soon as we receive it. Any information from school will be sent via weduc and posted on our web-site immediately.

Yours sincerely – Steve Hughes, Executive Head Teacher