There have so far been no cases of coronavirus infection of any staff or pupils in school. We have 145 students absent today, most of the students off school are absent because parents being concerned about the possibility of infection.

We have 28 staff absent due to advice about self-isolation or child-care related problems.

We have joined some classes together today due to low numbers and are trying to carry on as normal as we can in the circumstances. It is still possible that increased absence rates or a Government announcement could mean we have to consider the closure of our school. In these circumstances, it may be a decision we are forced to make at short notice. I would again advise you to consider what you will do in these circumstances.

For those students who have free meals, these can still be provided. Parents will however have to come into school to pick them up. If you want to collect your child’s meal please contact the office on 0121 373 4475 and they will inform you of arrangements

We are continuing with our hand-washing, cleaning and all the measures as specified by the health authorities. We have cancelled all visits into school unless they are necessary and are conducting external meetings by telephone conference calls.

I understand this is a very difficult and worrying time for everyone. If you wish to discuss anything regarding the current situation, please contact us by sending a message to the Corona Virus school app inbox (weduc), by emailing or via phone on 0121 373 4475.

You can see latest guidance from the government here:

Yours sincerely,

Steve Hughes
Executive Head Teacher