Secondary Christmas Concert – 18th December 2019

The students are always so excited about their Christmas Concert and although they don’t always enjoy the rehearsals, they understand how important they are in achieving the very high standards we expect, and this year was another resounding success.

We had 9 narrators (students that use VOCAS or switches for communication) and it was noticeable how independent most of these students were. In fact, Antonio has become so skilful on his VOCA, he had a solo within our closing song.40 students performed a solo or small group ensembles, and a special mention must be made to Nasser, who missed the start of the concert due to an emergency appointment but arrived quietly in plenty of time to perform his big solo.

Of course the most exciting songs are those when everyone is singing together and we work hard to make sure we all know when to be ready.
Thank you to those parents, friends and returning members of staff that came along to support our students and we look forward to seeing you again next year !