A message from the Head Teacher Mr Steve Hughes:

Mr Steve Hughes

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Wilson Stuart School website.

At Wilson Stuart, we are determined that all our students make outstanding progress and succeed. We aim to support them all to do their very best, enjoy school and to develop important qualities such as respecting, understanding and helping each other.

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Mr Steve Hughes
Head Teacher

Oily Cart – Bounce

This week we have had the amazing and innovative Oily Cart theatre company in to share their practise with the children in our PMLD department. Using trampolines, video projection and live music with a Middle Eastern flavour the actors and the children have been exploring bounce in all its forms from gentle to exuberant. Each performance is carefully adapted to the specific requirements of each participant and each participant has responded differently. Some children were captivated by the tinny Middle Eastern music, or by the rolling ball on the projector and other stilled in the silence developed to produce dramatic effects. It gave the children the opportunity to experience the theatre and also be an actor in the theatre making it a truly special performance for us all.

Drayton Manor

Three classes from Wilson Stuart School -Caterpillars, Bees and Butterflies- were invited to spend the day at Drayton Manor by the Wylde Green Rotary Club this week. We were lucky enough to have a fantastic sunny day to really make the most of our visit to the Park. We headed straight to Thomas Land to see which rides we wanted to go on and we were lucky to not have to queue for too long! We saw Thomas the Tank Engine and lots of his friends and got to ride on some of them. We had a lovely picnic lunch in the sunshine then went to see what else we could experience. Some of us went on more rides and some of us went to explore the Zoo area. We saw a Tiger and some Cranes and heard Parrots talking and squawking. We also had the opportunity to have some Ice-cream which went down a treat!

We had a brilliant day out. We all enjoyed ourselves and had lots of fun. We would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to the Wylde Green Rotary Club and their volunteers for such a fantastic day!

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Our Communication Group invited some fellow local students from Highclare School to come in for a social. The students chatted about school, families, hobbies, life in general and even shared a joke or two. The Communication Group were a little shy at first, but soon everyone was chatting like old friends.  The Highclare students were really impressed with our students communication aids and we hope to see our new friends again soon!

.Highclare 1 Highclare 2 Highclare 3 Highclare 4 Highclare 5

Math Workshop

On Tuesday 19th May a Maths parent workshop took place where parents of some primary, secondary and 6th form pupils were invited in to school. Parents were introduced to how number progression takes place in school and how parents can support their children at home. The day began with introduction to ideas and then pupils joined their parents and worked through a carousal of activities. Parents had the opportunity to experience, Numicon activities, numerous maths games and also a variety of Maths Ipad apps; furthermore, parents were also given a list and description of each of the apps to take home. Pupils enjoyed working with parents and also pupils from different classes.