Jeans for Genes Day

On Friday 19th September we celebrated Jeans for Genes day by wearing Jeans to school. Students were asked to bring 50p in if they were wearing jeans, staff £1 and £2 for staff who didn’t wear jeans. In total we raised £150. The money raised by organisations and schools on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children and families affected by genetic disorders. Thank you to everybody who kindly donated!


Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 26th September, Wilson Stuart School’s Sixth Form hosted a coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan.

The Sixth Form Social Enterprise group had worked very hard to make the Primary Hall look very inviting and thanks to the great generosity of staff, pupils and parents, a huge number of cakes were sent to school in all shapes, flavours and sizes!  We also had an amazing “Macmillan Coffee Cup Cake” to raffle which had been made and kindly donated by Sixth Form TA, Claire Garner .

The morning itself was very well supported both in the Primary Hall and through our new initiative – “Macmillan On The Move” – which saw Sixth Form Staff and Students providing a mobile cake selling service throughout the school.

The result of all this hard work?  Nearly £800 raised!

A massive thank you to everyone involved – especially to the cookers, buyers and eaters of cake!!!


Peter on “Squash Duty”!


 Jade Bissell – winner of the Macmillan Coffee Cup Cake!

Mrs Liz Dean

Oak Tree Farm

In communication we have been looking at different stimuli, exploring new environments, recognising and responding to familiar and unfamiliar sounds and experimenting with using different sounds to communicate feelings, choices and preferences, so we went to the farm to see things we don’t usually see every day.

When we arrived at the farm we bought 6 buckets of food to feed all the hungry animals. We saw lots of different animals at the farm: the goats, who were the greediest, the ducks and geese who were the noisiest, the donkey’s which were the dustiest and the pigs who were definitely the funniest and the muddiest.

Dawn, the lady who owned the farm let us spend some time with Dave; a blind and deaf pig. He ran around us eating bread and animal food of our chairs and buggies, he smelt us with his big snout and we stroked his big head and face, he made lots of strange noises and he was really fat.

We played on the playground and with the dogs until it was time to make our way back to school.



Mr Andrew Hammond