A message from the Head Teacher Mr Steve Hughes:

Mr Steve Hughes

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Wilson Stuart School website.

At Wilson Stuart, we are determined that all our students make outstanding progress and succeed. We aim to support them all to do their very best, enjoy school and to develop important qualities such as respecting, understanding and helping each other.

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Mr Steve Hughes
Head Teacher

Maths Workshop

On Thursday 2nd February, parents came into school to join their children in a maths workshop focusing on money.

Parents had the opportunity to work with their children through a variety of activities and were able to see how different resources were used in school. The activities ranged from identifying coins to solving problems with adding amounts and finding change. 

Following this, parents were made aware of how money is taught in school and how progression is made. Parents were sent home with a homework pack appropriate for their child to work on at home. Pupils and parents enjoyed working together! A big thank you to all the parents who were able to attend!

C.B.S.O. Woodwind Trio

On Tuesday 7th February, Wilson Stuart welcomed 3 woodwind players from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. They performed a selection of music and demonstrated their instruments – Oboe, Clarinet, Cor Anglais and Bassoon. We learnt that these instruments required thin pieces of wood, called a “reed” to make a sound and to change the pitch you have to cover the finger holes and use the silver keys – Alicia had great fun trying to change the sound on Rachel’s oboe. We also learnt that the bigger the instrument – the lower the sound and the smaller the instrument – the higher the sound. The Trio played 2 concerts in order to differentiate the presentation style, one for all Secondary Pupils and 6th Form and the other for all Primary Pupils and PMLD. They explained about the job of a Conductor and how important it is to keep in time, and a few of our pupils had a chance to conduct the Trio. All the pupils and the staff enjoyed a lovely morning with everyone demonstrating excellent listening skills. Our visitors even commented on how well behaved, polite, knowledgeable and enthusiastic all our pupils were. Of course!!

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Bees Phonics workshop

Bees Class had a fantastic time today showing our Parents our Phonics skills. We explained to our Parents why Phonics is so important and how developing good Phonics habits can go on to help children become excellent readers. We talked about the importance of developing children’s listening skills as well as  letter recognition to help us become good at identifying the different sounds we hear in words and suggested activities  they could  do at home to support their child’s learning in engaging ways. We also provided the opportunity for Parents to experience a range of playful Phonics activities with their child in class as well as the chance to ask any questions they had. We had a fantastic turnout and the children were thrilled at the chance to show Parents how hard they have been working at developing their early reading skills.


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YOUNG VOICES 2017 Genting Arena, NEC

Wilson Stuart attended the Young Voices Concert on Thursday 26th January and as usual we got lots of attention from the conductor, David Lawrence.

Having attended this event for nearly every one of its 20 years, Wilson Stuart School has developed a reputation for being the most enthusiastic participants with both pupils and staff always giving 110%!!  This year, the special guests included Natalie Williams (a popular soul/jazz singer-songwriter with 7 critically acclaimed albums), Tabby Callaghan (one of Sharon Osbourne’s protégés on the X-Factor) and pictured here with Kadeem – The Beatbox Collective.

We always have the most amazing night and the pupils were, as always, an absolute credit to Wilson Stuart School.

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“A Journey Across The Western World” – a School’s Concert for Key Stage 3 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra – Symphony Hall

On Tuesday 31st January, 3.1 and 3.2 attended a school’s concert performed by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall.

We were very lucky in that the newly appointed Musical Director and Conductor, Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla had chosen to conduct this concert herself,  emphasising her support for the importance of live musical performances in education. She is astonishingly young for such a prominent position, but extremely talented and full of energy. She led the orchestra in 8 pieces of music taken from different parts of history from 1869 – 1982. It was a varied and entertaining programme and everybody enjoyed it.

This was a popular concert and it was so nice to see Symphony Hall full of Key Stage 3 pupils from schools all across Birmingham. We were very comfortable with a large area at the back of the stalls for all of us to sit together.

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Chinese New Year

The school celebrated the Chinese New Year festival with some fun workshops. We learnt why it was the Year of the Rooster through a role play story about The Chinese Zodiac. Some of us created a huge dragon made from different textures, which has been displayed in the dining bay for everyone to see. We had a special visit from a professional Chinese dancer who taught us ribbon and fan dancing. During a music workshop, Mr Moss taught us some Chinese words so that we could sing along to some Chinese themed songs. We also explored and played with instruments traditionally used in Chinese music. Finally, some of us cooked some delicious stir fry with noodles and rice. We experimented with using chopsticks to eat the food we cooked. It was an interesting day had by all.

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PMLD Go to Festive Dudley Zoo

The whole of the 2 – 19 PMLD classes (Ladybirds, Turtles, Chaplin & Galieo) were fortunate enough to receive tickets for Dudley Zoo’s Xmas extravaganza.  It was paid for by the Mad Hatters Charity and included a show, a visit to meet Santa and a look around the animals in the Zoo.

All the students had a wonderful time and enjoyed the experience of all the different animal sounds they heard and the amazing sensory grotto they went through to get to see the man himself!


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