A message from the Executive Head Teacher Mr Steve Hughes:

Mr Steve Hughes

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Wilson Stuart School website.

At Wilson Stuart, we are determined that all our students make outstanding progress and succeed. We aim to support them all to do their very best, enjoy school and to develop important qualities such as respecting, understanding and helping each other.

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Mr Steve Hughes
Executive Head Teacher

The Great British Wilson Stuart Carnival

We celebrated the end of another fantastic year with a Carnival.

Staff and pupils got into the spirit of the British theme by dressing up as a British Icon. There were brilliant costumes such as Spice Girls, James Bond, Ozzy Osbourne and Sir Norman Wisdom.

We had a festival feel in the morning with exciting stalls for pupils to explore for e.g. face painting, food tasting with strawberries and cream, sensory; sand and water beads, seaside theatre, crafts; making British flags & London Bus, selfies with a cut out Queen and various games. Pupils also had the opportunity to cook some British treats and learn about British Values.

In the afternoon, the whole school participated in the parade to show off their costumes alongside Iconic British Music. A carnival King and Queen were chosen and we danced the afternoon away.

A big thank you to TMS Consulting for donating a generous amount to fund our carnival. The pupils had an amazing day. Richard Cook from TMS Consulting was invited to spend the day at the carnival to enjoy the festivities.

Carnival Day

Preparing For Adulthood

On 16th July KS4 and KS5 joined together for our first Preparing For Adulthood day!

Students experienced a range of activities all focussed on life as a young adult. The Year 10s and Year 13s worked on their CAREER ACTION PLANS whilst the other year groups looked at different post 16 and post 19 options as well as possible career choices. They were also encouraged to think of the issues they may need to overcome in order to achieve their outcome.  We were also joined by Rahul Toory – an ex Wilson Stuart student – who came in to give a presentation about College and the working world. As a VOCA and wheelchair user he was an inspirational role model. Students also explored their personal skills and qualities and discussed appropriate interview techniques. They got a chance to “role play” interviews as well. Our final session was RSE (Relationship and Sex Education). Groups were divided at their appropriate level and some worked in single sex groups. Their level of maturity throughout the day was fantastic and the way they worked together made the staff incredibly proud.

Talking of the staff I would like to publically thank all who were involved for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to the students in their care.

Preparing For Adulthood

3.3 Bowling

Class 3.3 visited Tamworth on Monday. The class went bowling and visited the local Castle Park for a picnic! The class split into two teams for bowling and the children brought out their competitive sides, with Chenai scoring the most points! After bowling the class settled down for food in the park and enjoyed playing on the slides and swings. Well done to the whole class for implementing their talk-about skills and earning enough tokens for the trip.


3.1 trip to Bullring Managing money

3.1 went to Birmingham City centre and worked on their managing money skills, they were given a budget and went into small groups and demonstrated a good understanding of what they could purchase and if they had enough money. They showed very good awareness of members of the public and a few even asked for assistance in some of the shops, which was great to see. Their behaviour was impeccable and we celebrated the end of the year with a meal at Pizza Hut.


Real bodies exhibition

On the Friday 29th of June, a fantastic opportunity came to 4.1 class. The fantastic opportunity was a day visit to the Real Bodies exhibition at the NEC.

The plan was to go to the Real Bodies for a tour of the exhibition, then go to have lunch at Resorts world. We opted to go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Real Bodies presents the artful display of 20 real, perfectly preserved human bodies and over 200 anatomical specimens, inviting visitors of all ages to examine the human experience from the first breath to the last in a dramatic and moving display. Real Bodies digs deeper into the beauty of the body, mind and soul than any other exhibition of its kind and invites you to explore the entire human experience from the first breath to the last. What are we made of? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Real Bodies consists of dramatic and compelling galleries that offer unique perspectives on human anatomy and its importance in world cultures as well and the emotional expression embedded in each of our physiological functions. This comprehensive educational exhibition pushes boundaries while seemlessly blending art, science and emotion as a museum of self. It was much darker inside than outside, and everyone was interested in the exhibition stands.

Afterwards we skirted along the side of a big lake and entered Gourmet Burger Kitchen to have our lunch which was delicious! We then had around 20-30 minutes free time to do some shopping inside resorts world.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip and we all had great fun.

Tahmid 4.1

Real bodies exhibition

The Children’s Play Village – Warwick

On Thursday 29th June, the Monkeys class had an ever so exciting ‘Critical Thinking’ trip to the Children’s Play Village in Warwick. We were greeted by a very warm welcome from Shelley Corbett, one of the co-owners, who had set up tables in the ‘town hall’ for us to have our lunch. After lunch we got to explore one of the most exciting role play areas we had ever seen! The clean open space, fabulous staff and inspiring play area with it’s fantastic attention to detail made this a day to remember. There were 14 different play zones including a dentists surgery, fire station, vets, theatre, hairdressers and construction site just to name a few! We were interacting and taking part in activities with children from other schools and using our imaginations to create our own play scenarios. The selection of resources available was extremely impressive with so many different things to see and experience. As soon as we left we were already all planning our next trip back!

The Children’s Play Village

Numeracy Workshop for Parents/Carers and Pupils in 3.4

Thursday 28th June 2018 9.30a.m—11.00a.m

Focus – Number skills developed through physical activity.

Numeracy Targets :

Standard 1 (WS P Steps 4-5)

· The pupil can demonstrate an understanding of the concept of 1:1 correspondence

Standard 2 (WS P Steps 6-8)

· The pupil can say the number names to 5 in the correct order (e.g. in a song or by joining in with the teacher)

· The pupil can demonstrate an understanding of the concept of numbers up to 5 by putting together the right number of objects when asked

Pupils took part in a carousel of physical activities to develop their counting and number recognition skills.

Warm up—Musical spots

1. Bean Bag Bucket, 2. Bullseye, 3. Knock Down, 4. Pernell’s Penalty Shootout

Numeracy Workshop for Parents/Carers and Pupils in 3.4