Inspire 1 Home Learning

In Inspire 1, we are lively, vibrant and full of energy. We use these qualities to our advantage and every day is a new exciting challenge. The topics we explore are approached in a multi-sensory and engaging way and run across all of our lessons including: Cognition, Communication, Music, Functional Physical, Swimming and Self Help and Independence. Each lesson is tailored to the student’s individual needs and strengths, allowing them to engage and explore.

Communication runs through every aspect of the day in Inspire 1. Students are given opportunities to develop and consolidate a variety of skills. These can include: Big Macks, PECs, Communication books and symbols as well as objects of reference. For example: a student may use their preferred method of communication to tell us what they would like for snack. It is important that every student is given an opportunity to communicate their wants and needs.

During our cognition sessions we are developing our problem solving skills, exploring the world around us and interacting with a variety of different technologies. Using our topic we experience, explore and interact with music, textures, and smells and we are learning to work independently. We use ICT to enhance these experiences and allow students to access different programmes and become active participants in their learning. Again, we look for independence and

Pupils are supported by staff each day to develop their physical skills. This includes any physiotherapy programmes, standing frames and walkers. We are striving to be as independent as possible and continue to develop our strength.

Self Help and Independence allows pupils to develop skills which are helpful at home and in the school environment. These skills will be helpful in transitioning forward and creating active citizens who have more control over their lives. We are focusing on creating a routine which can be used at home. Some students are beginning to recognise their own toothbrush from their wash bag, and allowing staff to support them in using them.

Pupils in Inspire 1 participate in a weekly thematic music lesson. They are exposed to a variety of different instruments and styles of music, with a chance to express preferences.