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We are a wonderful group of learners that connect with the world around us through a multi sensory approach. Through many exciting experiences and opportunities provided we learn and develop ways to become more independent and access the world around us. We are a group of unique individuals that are encouraged to work to the best of our abilities. We rely on support from staff members that we have developed positive relationships with. They understand our strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

We learn about an interesting topic each term, we gain new experiences and acquire meaningful skills, whilst developing pre-existing abilities.
During our Communication sessions we are encouraged to feel empowered through choice. We also develop strategies to communicate using a variety of methods that are respected and listened to. This can be through vocalising sounds, PECS, Intensive Interaction and Objects of Reference.
Our Cognition sessions are challenging but fun, we are enabled to problem solve in a variety of ways using everyday objects and having access to various technologies. This supports us to become more motivated and also independent learners. Our Cognition sessions provide lots of opportunities to be pro-active and develop a thirst for curiosity.

In Physical sessions we have support from staff members each day focusing on input from professionals. This is so we can maximise our posture and ability using equipment and have daily stretches. We focus on gross and fine motor skills with a consistent systematic approach. Weekly swimming sessions also help enhance and develop core skills and strength whilst being in the water.

Self- help and Independence sessions help us to learn about our bodies and also very importantly care for ourselves. We develop this skill through having support to brush our teeth, combing our hair, eating and drinking more independently. Having access to appropriate resources enables these sessions to be engaging and exciting.