The local authority website  gives details of all the services they provide and information about health and care plans.

  1. Wilson Stuart School specialises in the education of children and young adults with physical disabilities, complex medical conditions and associated learning needs.
  • We consult with parents at their child’s initial admissions meeting. This session is also attended by a range of our education and healthcare professionals. Every pupil has two parents evenings each year and an annual Education and Healthcare (EHC) review. Parents are also invited to attend a variety of workshops and events throughout the year to support their child’s learning and development.’
  • Students are invited along to their annual EHC review and both parents’ evenings. In addition, each child has a Learning Mentor who will continually engage with the young person regarding their educational progress.  We have an active student council to represent all student views.
  • Every child has an Individual Education Plan that is reviewed every term.  Please click here to see full details of how we assess and review progress.
  • As a school for 2 to 19 year old’s, pupil transitions are managed internally to ensure a smooth journey for each student. We have well-established systems to support the transfer of pupil information when pupils move. Transition planning meetings are held from Year 9 to ensure we identify an appropriate curriculum and opportunity to meet a student’s individual needs. We have a Post 16 and 19-25 provision which focuses on vocational learning and transition into adulthood.
  • We have established ability group teaching throughout school. This delivers an individualised curriculum with opportunities to gain accreditation at appropriate levels. We teach in small groups and have a high staff/pupil ratio, however we maintain a focus on independent learning.
  • We have a totally accessible school environment and a curriculum that is designed to respond to individual needs.
  • We have highly qualified Teachers and Teaching Assistants. We invest heavily in continuous staff development. We also train Teachers and Teaching Assistants in partnership with University College Birmingham. 
  • Our last four Oftsed Inspections have resulted in an Outstanding rating. We have robust self-review mechanisms that highlight future areas for improvement for our School Development Plan. We have a very active and effective Governing Body who continually checks standards and is closely involved in the continuous development of school.
  • We have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and well-being. This is supported by form teachers, individual mentors and department heads. We have fortnightly multi agency family support meetings to identify and support any individual issues. We have a whole school approach to delivering Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education..
  • We benefit from having Nurses,Speech and Language Therapists and Physiotherapists on site. We have a very effective relationship with Birmingham Local Authority. We use Malachi Trust to provide additional family support when required. We also employ a range of therapists to meet the needs of individual student.  ‘We have a great deal of experience working with social services in order to appreciate and support the varying needs of our families.
  • We work hard to maintain effective home-school communication and aim to deal with any complaints swiftly, honestly and effectively. We have a quick response facility and publish our complaints procedure.