Symptoms check

All staff and students will have their temperatures checked with a thermal imaging camera at a safe distance prior to entering the school building to make sure nobody with a high temperature enters the building.

Social Distancing measure 1

The kitchen staff will work in pairs to ensure social distancing in the kitchen area from 9th June 2020 to prepare sandwiches for the students who are in school if required. As numbers increase the kitchen staff will work on a rotational basis to ensure social distancing is always maintained.

Social Distancing measure 2

The kitchen staff will leave the school building before the students have their lunches to avoid unnecessary contact.

Social Distancing measure 3

The class staff will collect the lunches on a staggered lunch timetable and students will eat their lunches in their class bases.

Deep clean

The kitchen and all the equipment will be deep cleaned during week commencing 1st June 2020 to ensure it is ready for use when required.

Cleaning materials

Class staff will be provided with the appropriate cleaning materials to clear up any spillages and the staff rota will ensure there are sufficient staff to allow for this.

Cleaning equipment

Each class base and bathroom will have separate cleaning equipment which will only be used for that class base to avoid any cross over between bases. These will be stored locally.

General Clean

The kitchen staff will clean the kitchen area, surfaces and all the equipment each day.