The following is an important message from the school which requires your attention.

Please read carefully

The school is planning to reopen to a selective number of students on 9th June.

To ensure the safety of the students and staff the following measures will be put in place

  • All parents will be informed that they must not send students into school if they show any signs of illness
  • There will be social distancing on the minibuses
  • Before leaving the bus, each pupil’s temperature will be taken, if the temperature is high the pupil will not be allowed in school and returned home
  • Each staff member will also have their temperature taken and not allowed in school if it is high
  • We will not allow anyone into school unless absolutely necessary
  • Pupils will arrive and leave school at different times to avoid contact
  • Pupils will be placed in classrooms spread out around the school, with a maximum of 5 in each class
  • Each class would have its own bathroom
  • There will be a one-way system in corridors to enable social distancing
  • PPE would be available and used if required
  • All areas used would be deep cleaned each day
  • There are videos on our website you can use to help your child understand what we are doing in school to help them feel comfortable about coming back to school
  • There will be a school nurse onsite
  • Students will be required to bring in their own packed lunch
  • Student clothes should be clean and fresh daily
  • You will be provided access to the school management documents explaining all of our plans in detail

    Please consider the above information.

    You will receive a telephone call next week for your views.

    Thank you