Students that follow the Explore / SLD pathway follow a semi-formal curriculum that follows aspects of the EQUALS framework with an emphasis on exploration and communication to provide access to learning. The explore pathway adopts a thematic approach to learning so that a broad range of curriculum subjects can be accessed using a single theme to ensure that learning can be linked.


Through the Explore Pathway, we aim to ensure that our children are: 

  • Following a Semi-Formal Curriculum which provides the framework for an holistic approach to learning 
  • Using a variety of themes and creative processes which encompass all aspects of education. 
  • Focusing on a personalised plan according to their level of development whilst promoting independence for all 
  • Provided with opportunities for cross-curricular learning thereby consolidating basic skills and accessing a wide range of subjects 
  • Developing life skills which can be transferred across different contexts and situations. 


The curriculum that is offered through the SLD Pathway provides the following objectives: 

  • To provide a relevant and realistic school curriculum where specifically identified specialised targets are addressed (WS Key skills/PLG’s) 
  • To develop knowledge and understanding through subject areas linked to a thematic approach 
  • To promote the “Get Real” Curriculum through real life opportunities and experiences 
  • To develop communication and language skills. 
  • To foster the love of reading through engaging with a wide range of texts and sensory drama activities. 
  • To develop fine and gross motor skills 
  • To develop independence and self-help skills 
  • To support the development of social skills with adults and peers 
  • To support play and early learning/basic skills through motivating activities 
  • To encourage positive attitudes towards learning which contribute to students’ concentration, attention and achievement 
  • To emphasize the value of “CIRCLE” throughout all aspects of learning 


We achieve our intentions by:  

  • Promoting a broad and engaging curriculum 
  • Using specialised curriculum resources (EQUALS) which facilitate and enhance the progress and achievements of individual students 
  • Relating stories, rhymes, drama and songs to themes thus providing a wide range of reading and communication opportunities. 
  • Looking at each learner individually and capturing holistic progress 
  • Seeing assessment as an integral part of teaching and learning (Next Steps) 
  • Giving supportive feedback to students by praising perseverance and achievement. 
  • Drawing on a wide range of evidence to guide future learning outcomes (EfL / PLGs) 
  • Providing a collaborative and consistent trained team approach to ensure that each student fully accesses the curriculum and school life. 
  • Working together to provide a happy, stimulating and safe environment that promotes positive well being for all. 
  • Collaborating with peers, staff, parents and the local community through enterprise projects to support fund raising initiatives and an awareness of the world of work 


The impact of the SLD Pathway provision is demonstrated through the development of pupils who are: 

  • Successful learners, who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve 
  • Positive individuals who grow in confidence, perseverance and independence 
  • Happy students who are secure, healthy and safe 
  • Active citizens who contribute fully to whole school celebrations and community events 
  • Young adults who are prepared for life beyond school