Wilson Stuart Early Years Department

Wilson Stuart’s Early Years Department accepts children from two years old. The department consists of three classes – Caterpillars, Bees and Ladybirds. Each class caters for different needs and learning styles and pupils are placed in the one most appropriate to their needs.

Each pupil has a Key Worker who has special responsibility for their development and wellbeing and will often be the person who, along with the class teacher, liaises with parents and outside agencies.

We recognise that children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development underpins all subsequent learning and we work hard to ensure children develop high levels of confidence, independence, motivation and self-awareness. Children are given the resources and opportunities to play, explore, experiment and try things out for themselves in order to develop the essential Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Throughout the day children are offered a variety of playful experiences and stimuli in order to promote their Communication and Language Development. We work with Speech and Language Therapists and our communication team to develop personal targets for children ensuring everyone makes maximum progress. Makaton signing and symbols are used to support communication and understanding, and children have access to a variety of communication aids where appropriate.

Literacy skills are developed through activities such as regular sensory stories, song box, rhyme time and trips to the local library. Games are used to develop listening skills and early phonics are introduced when children are ready. We spend time with our children developing their early mathematical skills through play such as sorting and categorising, early counting and using number names as well as exploring concepts such as pattern, capacity and shape.

We regularly work with our Physiotherapists to ensure our children are being provided with appropriate challenge within their Physical Development based on their individual requirements.

The children’s learning journals capture children’s development over their time and provide clear photographic and written evidence of the huge progress and milestones they make across the key stage, evidencing the learning that takes place whilst children are with us


Our Early Years department is the start of your child’s new and exciting educational journey. We want parents and carers to be really involved in their child’s schooling and to communicate with us to help their child to achieve their full potential. It is very important to have a close partnership between home and school and we value all support. We are always around to answer any questions or concerns parents and carers may have and we know this is particularly important during that initial settling in period. We love what we do in Wilson Stuart’s Early Years Department and have an extremely enjoyable time working and learning together