Our aim is to engage and begin a life-long curiosity and interest in each child’s immediate and wider world.  We want them to have enjoyable experiences.   Highlights of their Wilson Stuart science include; watching chicks hatch from hen’s eggs, caterpillars (real, not Foundation class!) develop into butterflies, grow their own plants from seeds and using a Bunsen Burner!

Each term one pupil is chosen to receive the prestigious scientist of the term award for their enthusiasm and effort during science lessons.

Students are taught in topics for Science and cover all aspects of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Scientific Enquiry.  We have an overview of topics to be covered and access to a range of schemes of work that we use to guide our teaching.  Teachers can use the schemes of work to help structure their planning and differentiated appropriately.

Early Years

The early years, ‘understanding the world’, is delivered through play and exploration and short structured activities to build up a wide range of experiences.


Primary Science follows the Switched-on Science SOW, during KS1 we continue to build upon their experiences and observations of nature and our man-made world, encouraging curiosity and interest in their immediate and wider world.  For KS2 Children broaden their scientific view of the world, through exploration, discussion and fair testing.  Children are encouraged to make some of their own decisions when planning and carrying out investigations. Sometimes working independently, or with peers, cooperating and helping each other.  Gradually they build up the skills needed to work as independently as possible and develop a deeper and broad understanding of a wide range of scientific ideas.


KS3 Science follows the AQA activate SOW and our KS4 students will follow either AQA GCSE Combined science: trilogy specification, OCR entry level science or a thematic approach based around a class topic.


Our GCSE qualification is a double award: equivalent to two GCSE grades.  Students will cover topics across the three areas of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Links to ‘working scientifically’ is embedded within the Specification to ensure students are able to continue developing their experimental and practical skills and to further improve their analysis and evaluation skills.

OCR Entry Level

OCR Entry Level course also covers all three scientific areas – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The course is suited to lower ability students who struggle to retain new information for long periods of times.  Students are taught a scheme of work and then will be immediately assessed using an externally set class test.  They are also continually assessed on their practical skills.  They will complete a practical investigation within lessons which also assesses students planning and concluding skills.

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What accreditation will my child be entered for at KS4?

We currently offer 2 accredited courses within Science;  AQA Combined Science Trilogy and OCR Entry level certificate in Science.

The accredited course your child follows is dependent upon their individual academic ability and is determined each year by the class teacher.

Will my child have to complete coursework at KS4?

Only students who are studying the OCR Entry Level certificate will complete coursework.  This is completed within school.

How can I help my child with their homework?

Use the links section of our website to find useful sites.