Pupils work at a level, which is appropriate to them. Pupils may be working below the level normally prescribed for their age range, as a result of their special educational need. Where necessary the requirements of the P Levels are adapted or modified to ensure that pupils with sensory impairments or physical disabilities are able to have access to the fullest possible range of activities and experiences. Similarly, arrangements are made to ensure that pupils are not disadvantaged by their disability during any statutory assessment.

The variety of mathematical curriculum experiences offered will lead each pupil towards achieving his/her maximum potential in:

* Basic numeracy skills

* Logical reasoning skills

* Identification of patterns and relationships

* Problem solving

* Enjoyment of mathematical achievement

* Mathematical skills for daily living

P Levels

* P levels (Performance scales) from P1 to P18, are used for all pupils at Wilson Stuart.

* The performance descriptions for P1 to P3 are commons across all subjects.

* From P4 to P9 they are more subject specific and are split into Number, Shape and, using and applying.

* From P10 to P18 the using and applying strand changes to Statistics.

Teaching Approaches

A wide range of teaching approaches will be employed which will take account of the nature of the work to be covered and the needs of the pupils. They will include:- a variety of organisational arrangements (individual, small group, whole class).

* Direct instruction.

* Structured activities.

* Investigative and problem solving activities.

* practical work

* Opportunities for discussion

* Opportunities to work beyond the classroom either around the school or on day or residential visits.

* Opportunities for individuals to pursue their own interests or needs.

* Use of a variety of texts including both published schemes and home produced worksheets,

* Use of a variety of sources of information including the use of “real life” materials and situations.

* Use of a variety of mathematical instruments, equipment, calculators.