Space Masterclass

Yesterday classes 3.1 and 4.1, along with members of 4.2 took part in a Science workshop presented by a teacher from the National Space Academy.

At the beginning of the workshop, students were taught about the atmosphere, where space begins and the distance between Earth, the moon and other planets. After that, Dave proceeded to explain how substances like Ethanol and Propanol were used for rocket fuel by demonstrating using amount of Propanol, resulted in a small explosion!

The classes took part in activities throughout the day. Students were tasked with creating a Mars Lander with the objective being to drop the lander and not damage the ‘astronaut’ placed inside (eggs). The only materials that people were allowed to use were a plastic bag, an ice lolly stick, some straws, tissues and plastic cups. 3 ‘astronauts’ did not survive.

After lunchtime, we built paper rockets and tested which one would fly the furthest. We launched them from the hall into the car park, with the goal being to clear the car park and make it onto the field.

All the students had a fun day and would love to participate in another workshop like this in the future.


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