docx_iconReferral Form

Information and Guidelines for completion of Referral Forms

  • All referrals should be made through settings using the appropriate standard referral form.
  • It is essential that a copy of the current IEP is enclosed.
  • We can only accept referrals from educational setting, ie nurseries, nursery schools, Childrens Centres, primary and secondary schools.
  • All forms must be signed by parents/carers/and or designated person for Looked after Children / Children in Care.
  • It is essential that the SENCO’s email address is on the form.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of the referral form within three weeks (during term time)
  • All referrals are discussed by the Team at their scheduled referral moderation meetings.
  • One of the Team will contact you after this meeting to arrange the initial visit.
  • Following the initial contact appropriate support will be agreed with the setting to be confirmed in writing.