Direct Art Action UK

Many classes have taken part in making an ‘egg’ themed piece of art, they are amazing! There work is so impressive it will be on display at a real art gallery over the Easter holiday!

Their sculptures and paintings will be on display at Direct Art Action UK Gallery, Sutton Coldfield over the Easter holiday. (If you know Sutton Coldfield – it’s where BHS was!) 

It is flat, good disabled access, disabled parking at Grace church car park and good disabled toilet facilities (you do need to get security key from office) I hope you are able visit and enjoy this brilliant celebration!

Bendrigg Lodge 2019

On the week beginning the 1st of April, Wilson Stuart took a small group of 12 children from Key Stage 3 to Bendrigg lodge, in the Lake District for a week of Outdoor activities.

After a long trip on the coach we arrived and explored the surrounding area. In the evening, after an amazing meal, the instructors took us to the sports hall where the students were split into two separate group, one having the opportunity try out the indoor cave and the other group doing a variety of activities such as Boccia, Curling and having a relax In the Sensory Room.

On Tuesday we stayed on-site to have a go at rock climbing, abseiling, the sensory swing and indoor archery. For many of the students this pushed them to the extremes of their comfort zone, and allowed them to experience time outside of their wheelchairs. Everybody took part, not matter how adamant he or she were, that they did not want to. This day was the epitome of what Bendrigg is all about pushing yourself to your limit, and experiencing new things. In the evening we watched a film, so everyone could relax before going to bed.

On Wednesday we went to Lake Windermere to go on the famous ‘Lake Windermere Cruise’ this was the most amazing day for all involved. It was something that many of us have never experienced before. Although a bit cold with some rain in the air, it was still a day never to forget. In fact, for many this was the best day spent together as a group. In the afternoon the group was split into two groups, some went on a Easter egg hunt around the grounds, aswell as some time in the games room and the other group did the amazing outdoor archery. In the evening some watched a film, while the others went to the sensory room.

On the Thursday a trip was planned to the Ingleborough show Cave near Clapham. Two groups were formed to explore the cave and to learn about the rock formations inside the limestone cave. The evening was topped off with a disco, which was led by ‘DJ Antonio’ afterwards; there was a presentation of certificates to all the students who participated in the week. For the staff, the evening was spent packing the large amount of clothes the students took with them!

Friday we woke up early to pack the coach and to have breakfast to set us up for the journey back home. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our week away and many were sad to leave.

Thank you to Mr Perrens for organising another successful trip to Bendrigg, and to all the staff for their constant support ensure the children got the most out of their time away. Lastly, I’d like to thank the children for their enthusiasm, and good behaviour which made the week away enjoyable for everyone involved.


This is me: a parent of a disabled child

Wilson Stuart School are launching a new group for all parents/carers called This is me: a parent of a disabled child. This is a great opportunity to come share your thoughts and feelings over a cuppa. No agenda, no expectations.

Our first meeting will be held at Wilson Stuart School on 1st May 2019 at 11am to 12am. To join up and book your place on the group please call 0121 373 4475 and ask to talk to Peter.

PFPA Easter Raffle

The PFPA (Parents For Parents Association) are holding an Easter raffle on the morning of Wednesday 10th April with lots of Easter goodies to win! The tickets will cost £1.

If your child would like to have a go on our raffle please send in your money on Wednesday 10th April. The Raffle will be drawn the next day in Easter Assembly.

Mothers Day

We invited our mums, nans, aunties, fosters mums and any other female special adults to us into school on Friday for a Mother’s day event. The first part of the session was going into the classrooms to take part in an activity with their child followed by a special mothers day assembly. In assembly, the children gave a daffodil to the adult who attended. We also sang a Mother’s day song especially written for the occasion and shared photos of the children with their loved ones. We had a really good turn out of adults and the children really enjoyed having adults in class. 

CBSO Relaxed Concert at the CBSO Centre – 26th March’19

3.3 attended a wonderful concert, which was specially produced to cater for students with special needs – it being quite interactive with musicians moving around closer to the audience and lasting just under 1 hour.

The theme was “Alice in Wonderland”, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of this classic story and we could clearly see many of the different characters from the story, including the “white rabbit”, “Mad Hatter”, and the “Queen of Hearts”.

All of 3.3 demonstrated excellent audience skills, skitting quietly when the music was playing, clapping at the end of each short piece of music, joining in with sound effects, singing, engaging with the musicians as they came nearer to us and looking at/listening to the instruments.

A 4 Brass Quartet – 20th March 2019

On Wednesday 20th March, Wilson Stuart was thrilled to welcome, not only 3 Ofsted Inspectors, but the A 4 Brass Quartet. They performed 2 concerts, one for all Primary Pupils and PMLD and the other for all the Secondary Pupils and 6th Form.

The Quartet had a unique blend of instruments, with a cornet, tenor horn, baritone and euphonium, creating an exclusive sound that stands out from the standard brass quartet.  With this unusual instrumentation, A4 Brass have actively developed their repertoire, commissioning new music, composing and arranging music themselves.

We were able to host this lovely concert with the support of the “Live Music Now” charity, who heavily subsidised the cost.

During the concerts, they explained about how the different sizes of the instruments relate to a difference in pitch – the smaller the instrument the higher the sound and the larger the instrument, the lower the sound. Some of the pupils even got very close up and were able to feel the vibrations by gently touching the bell of the instrument.

All the pupils and the staff enjoyed a lovely morning, with everyone demonstrating excellent listening skills.     

Mother’s Day Shop Tuesday 26th March

PFPA will be once again holding our wonderful Mother’s Day Shop on Tuesday the 26th of March. This will be open from 9.00 – 12.00 and is for pupils to be able to purchase gifts as a “thank you” for their mum or carer.

For students who wish to go to the Mother’s Day shop we are asking that they bring a maximum of £4 into school on Tuesday 26th March.