WellChild now offering bedroom and garden makeovers

WellChild Helping Hands is a home improvement programme which, with volunteers from local companies, transforms gardens and bedrooms for children and young people with exceptional health needs across the UK.

Click this link to visit their site, learn more and download the application form.

You will need a professional to complete the Application Support section. This in our case is Peter Keenan (Family Support Officer), when you are ready or if you would like some guidance with the form please contact Peter via email p.keenan@wilsonstuart.co.uk or the school on 0121 373 4475 and ask to speak to Peter.


5.2 Aldi trip and 5.2 cross curricular cooking

5.1 purchased the ingredients they needed and cooked vegetable biryani and tadka daal. The pupils measured onions, potatoes and rice using the balance scales and the analogue scales. they also measured the correct amount of water needed for the rice. The onions brought tears of happiness to everyones eyes. 5.2 worked very hard and enjoyed a fabulous meal!!


5.1 Maths Trip To Aldi

On Friday 3rd November 5.2 went to Aldi to purchase ingredients for their cooking session. 5.2 are currently working on money and measures in the NCFE porfolios. Last week they researched a dish and identified what ingredients they needed. they then had to find out the price of each item and work out the change from £1 – £1.50. At Aldi they had to locate the item first, then identify which coins they needed for the given item and then finally pay for the item at the tills.

5.4 Visit to Perry Common Fire Station.

As part of our 6th Form OCR topic in Life and Living Skills 5.4 visited the local community fire station to find out the different jobs people do in our community. Fire fighter Rob showed us around the station where we learned about how much special equipment the fire engine carries for emergency calls. We were introduced to fire fighters going about their work at the station and we were able to take a close look at all of the equipment used on the engine. We even had a go in the station gym to build up our strength for the walk back to school! We had a fantastic morning and many thanks to fire fighter Rob for a great visit!

5.4 throw a Halloween party!

As part of 5.4’s OCR Life & Living Skills topic they were tasked with planning and holding a party. What better opportunity than Halloween? The students prepped all the food and laid the room out ready to invite other Sixth Form classes to enjoy their party. We all got dressed up and into the spirit of Halloween and a fabulous time was had by all, especially the winner of the pass the pumpkin parcel!

Bluesky Nursery Now Open

We are pleased to announce that Bluesky Nursery opened on the 5th September 2017 with a 40 place maximum at one time, offering outstanding education and care provision for 2-4 year olds, 50 weeks per year with access to amazing facilities such as softplay, sensory and our new modernised outdoor area.

The little ones have been focusing on settling in and ‘All About Me’ topics whilst making new friends, exploring the newly refurbished nursery and listening to lots of stories. They have also been enjoying the fresh air in their large bespoke playground area.

Since we opened, the nursery has blossomed tremendously and the registration of children has only risen, so if you are interested please contact us to book a visit.


The Wilson Stuart School Table Cricket Team of 9 team members aged between 16 and 19 years of age has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 12 months.  Table Cricket allows disabled sportsmen and women to enjoy one of the most loved games in the world – and such is the team’s love of the sport, they went through the entire 2016/17 season unbeaten in 22 matches!  Their triumph has seen them gain a number of titles including the CP Sport Community National League Winners, Lord’s Taverners Warwickshire Champions, Lord’s Taverners West Midlands Champions and Lord’s Taverners National Champions for 2017.  This years success was recognised at the 2017 Birmingham Sports Awards at Edgbaston Cricket Ground on Wednesday 20th September where the team was awarded Birmingham’s Team of the Year Award for 2017