A 4 Brass Quartet – 20th March 2019

On Wednesday 20th March, Wilson Stuart was thrilled to welcome, not only 3 Ofsted Inspectors, but the A 4 Brass Quartet. They performed 2 concerts, one for all Primary Pupils and PMLD and the other for all the Secondary Pupils and 6th Form.

The Quartet had a unique blend of instruments, with a cornet, tenor horn, baritone and euphonium, creating an exclusive sound that stands out from the standard brass quartet.  With this unusual instrumentation, A4 Brass have actively developed their repertoire, commissioning new music, composing and arranging music themselves.

We were able to host this lovely concert with the support of the “Live Music Now” charity, who heavily subsidised the cost.

During the concerts, they explained about how the different sizes of the instruments relate to a difference in pitch – the smaller the instrument the higher the sound and the larger the instrument, the lower the sound. Some of the pupils even got very close up and were able to feel the vibrations by gently touching the bell of the instrument.

All the pupils and the staff enjoyed a lovely morning, with everyone demonstrating excellent listening skills.     

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