Live 1 Students go to Free Radio

On Monday 17th November Live 1 students had the opportunity to visit Free Radio, in Birmingham. Once there, they had a tour of the station and they were able to ask questions, to understand how a commercial Radio station generates money and keep ahead of listener ratings.  They also had the opportunity to go live on air with Dan Morrissey , meet Jo and Sparky and the famous ‘Hamster’

The trip was organised to enable the students to see how a radio station is managed. Over the next few months the students will have the opportunity to run their own radio station at school.


ICT Mark Re-Awarded

Following an extensive external assessment Wilson Stuart School has been awarded the prestigious ICT Mark once again. The award recognises the school’s success in developing the strategic use of technology in both administration and across the curriculum. Parents can be confident that their children are attending a school at the forefront of modern technology.

We use the ICT Mark as a benchmark and a guide in helping us plan and implement IT strategies, technologies and initiatives. We are very proud to have achieved the mark as it reflects our dedication to ensuring we provide the best possible IT provision for our pupils and staff.



Celebrating Black History Month At Wilson Stuart School

On Friday 17th October students and staff at Wilson Stuart Special School in Perry Common celebrated Black History Month by spending an afternoon learning about five famous figures.

Secondary, Sixth Form and 19-25 students were divided into five groups and learnt about either, Louis Armstrong, Maya Angelou, Ruby Bridges, Mary Seacole or Herman Boone.  All students then came together in a special assembly to share their new found knowledge.

The afternoon was really valuable and included the Makaton signing of some of Maya Angleou’s inspirational quotes as well as Sixth Form student Conor singing “It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong!

TA Maxine Edwards who provided all the resources for the celebration along with fellow TAs Ben Virgo and Paula Cash, teacher Amy Rhodes and Head of Sixth Form, Liz Dean were delighted with the enthusiasm shown by Wilson Stuart students to learn about the varied achievements of Black people from different historical periods.  Once again Wilson Stuart students have shown not only their thirst for knowledge but also their deep seated belief in valuing all races and cultures.

West Midlands Safari Park

On Wednesday 22nd October Galileo 2 went to the West Midlands Safari Park to
see some of the animals they had explored in the story Handa’s Surprise. We
saw rhinos, lions, elephants, tigers and lots of other amazing animals. The
giraffes came right up to the bus and tried to poke their heads through the
window. This made some of the children laugh and some of them tried to move
back away from its long tongue! The zebras were very playful and were
enjoying running across the park while we drove through and we got stuck at
one point when the antelope were standing right infront of the bus. It was a
lovely day and all of the children showed interest in the animals as we
drove round the park.