A message from the Head Teacher Mr Steve Hughes:

Mr Steve Hughes

“I am delighted to welcome you to the Wilson Stuart School website.

At Wilson Stuart, we are determined that all our students make outstanding progress and succeed. We aim to support them all to do their very best, enjoy school and to develop important qualities such as respecting, understanding and helping each other.

We have high expectations for our students and have created an environment in which each individual is supported and challenged to achieve their full potential, both inside and outside the classroom. Accordingly, we expect our students to be ready to learn, to work hard and to take pride in their achievements. Wilson Stuart has developed a range of excellent facilities to support student learning. We also have an exciting and rich curriculum which provides all of our students the opportunity to experience and enjoy a wide range of activities.

We believe that working together pays dividends. We have a very active Parents Association and we offer a great deal of support to enable parents to support the education of their children. We have outstanding relationships with our local community, schools and businesses, their partnerships providing great benefits to our school and students.

We hope you find our web-site interesting and informative. If you would like any further information please contact school by telephone or e-mail.”

Mr Steve Hughes
Head Teacher

NHS England Parents Consultation

The Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit are running a series of focus groups on behalf of NHS England exploring the views of the public on how specialised services will be managed and commissioned. We would like to invite parents and guardians to two focus groups taking place in Birmingham on 8 April 2015.

What is specialised commissioning?

Specialised services are health treatments delivered in the NHS to help patients who have either rare, or specific common diseases coupled with other complex healthcare needs. They cover the following five areas:

  1. Digestion, renal and hepatobiliary and circulatory system
  2. Infection, cancer, immunity and haematology
  3. Secure and specialised mental health
  4. Traumatic injury, orthopaedics, head and neck and rehabilitation
  5. Women’s and children’s health, congenital and inherited diseases

To sign up, please contact Deirdre Kennedy on tel. 0121 612 3806 or email deirdrekennedy@nhs.net. Alternatively, please click on the links below:

For information, we are also running:

Holi Celebrations!

We celebrated Holi this month, which is a Hindu spring festival; also known as the festival of colours.

Students dressed in their brightest colours for the day, learned the story behind Holi and joined in Holi traditions of throwing away unwanted things into a (pretend!) bonfire and then celebrating the colours of spring – which we did in style with balloons, streamers, glitter and foam!​

streamers Minnie Joseph Hill Foam face Balloon hat

Year 14 and 19-25 Employability Day

On Thursday 12th March Year 14 students joined those in LIVE 1 and 2 for “Employability Day”.

The day consisted of four sessions. Firstly students spent time creating their “Personal Statements” which allow employers to see their skills and qualities. Secondly they had a session on “Interview Techniques” which included staff confessing some of their interview mishaps as well as role play to practically demonstrate what they had learnt. Students then joined a selection of employers from HSBC, Birmingham City Mission and the League of Friends for a buffet lunch before the really hard work began – individual interviews!

The employers had been given copies of the students’ personal statements and used them a basis for a generic job interview. It was a chance for students to put their nerves to one side and to demonstrate all they had learnt.

The final session was invaluable feedback from the employers about how the students performed in interview…

Needless to say all students did themselves and the school proud! The employers commented on how well our students presented themselves, their insight and their confidence. They were amazed that they did not hear one of our students talk about what they couldn’t do but that they only focused on what they could do. They also passed on many helpful hints to our students based on their years of experience interviewing others.

The day was a great success and thanks to all the staff who worked so hard on the day. A very special mention must be given to our Work Placement Officer, Julie Pallister, who arranged for all the employers to come in. Thank you Julie!

Communication Group visit to Birmingham REP

Wilson Stuart communication group were specially invited guests at Birmingham Repertory Theatre this week at an event designed to showcase the work of speech and language therapists across the city.

The day was inspired by Birmingham Rep’s production of  ‘The King’s Speech’ and had stands covering stammering, language delay and alternative methods of communication.

Wilson Stuart were alongside stands such as The British Stammering Association and The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists but Jack, Dan, Reece, Deeva, Josh and Weronika all rose to the occasion, using their VOCAs to talk to people about themselves and demonstrating the importance of  communication aids. People were really impressed by their willingness to talk and their confidence.

The Rep’s associate director of participation was so impressed he personally took us on a back stage tour. We saw the workshops, paint shops, the prompt corner and even went onto the stage, unfortunately there wasn’t an audience!

DSCF0854 DSCF0863 XX

National De Denne Textiles Competition.


Wilson Stuart Children Win 3rd Place.

Congratulations to class 4.3 for successfully coming 3rd in the national De Denne textile competition which was run through the embroidery guild.

Their work has been chosen to go on display at the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia in London from 5-8th March as part of Mr X Stitch’s stand.

Well done everyone!

Natasha Fowler.

English GCSE Revision

On Thursday 26th February 2015 parents were invited to a GCSE English revision workshop to support their children to prepare for the forthcoming examination in June.

The workshop consisted of an example examination paper and question, information about the marking system and percentage value of the examination. During the workshop there was also an opportunity to access websites supporting the revision of the examination paper focus ‘understanding and producing non fiction texts’ , these included GCSE POD and BBC Bitesize.

All who attended found it interesting and informative.

A copy of the PowerPoint used is available for parents who were unable to attend.

Download here